Stairlifts, Ramps, Steps & Support Rails

“I didn’t want our dining room to become a bedroom and the downstairs loo a shower room. I’d lose my privacy and have hardly any space to entertain. My stairlift avoided all that – and the grandchildren think it’s wonderful.”

Next to the kitchen, your Bedroom and your Bathroom are perhaps the most important rooms in your home and more often than not they will be upstairs. When stairs start becoming difficult one solution is to move downstairs but this means a major change to your home and the way you live. A Stairlift avoids altering your home and helps keep things much as they are – you simply ride up stairs to your bedroom and your bathroom.

Although there are many different makes of lift, there are only two different types of lift, each suitable for a different style of staircase. And the power they require is almost always provided by an existing 13 amp socket.

Straight Lifts:

Have a standard rail, cut to length, that simply follows the staircase up and down between floors. Sometimes the rail needs a hinge at its foot which operates automatically to ensure that the rail, when not in use, does not obstruct any entrance or passageway.

Curved Lifts:

Have rails which are made to fit the shape of the staircase, travelling around corners and across half-landings. Some will also require a hinge to avoid obstructing entrances and passageways. Stairlifts

Getting the Right Stairlift for Your Home

We try to make the process as simple and troublefree as possible:

  • If you think a Stairlift might be the thing to help you, just Call Us – 01420 549481
  • We will make an appointment come and visit you, conduct an initial survey of the staircase and taking the necessary measurements to enable us to cost any installation and take you through the standard options and the optional extras that you might want.
  • We will get back to you, normally within 24/36 hrs, with a full proposal confirming plans, measurements, selected options and a price.

If you decide to proceed:

  • for STRAIGHT LIFTS, we will give you an installation date – normally within a period of 7 days.
  • for CURVED LIFTS, we will make a appointment for a full preinstallation survey – normally within a couple of days.
  • Having confirmed the specifications with the factory and confirmed their date of manufacture, we will give you an installation date. This will normally be approximately within two weeks of the pre-installation survey.

Ramps and Steps

If you have difficulty with:

  • steps into and out of buildings
  • garden steps
  • thresholds

We can supply and if required, install all sorts of access solutions –

  • from large modular wheelchair ramps to
  • the smallest threshold ramps
  • From single half steps to small flights of shallow steps.

And if you need the greater security of hand rails and grab rails we can provide theses as well.

For difficult or larger + installations we will:

  • survey the site
  • draw-up plans